Charm Bar Guide


Multi Charm Chains

How many charms?
Charms are sold separately. Necklace: add up to 11 charms (you can have more for a really stacked look), odd number of charms works best so you have a centre charm. Bracelet: add between 7 - 9 charms work best.


Styling tips?
Larger charms in the centre and smaller charms on the outer edges work best, the size of each charm is listed in the description of each charm. 


Can I swap the charms around once I receive my Multi Charm Necklace or Bracelet?

No, charms are attached to the chain & can not be removed or moved around once attached.


How do I know what size the charms are?
You can find out the size of the charms in the description of each charm. The pictures on our website of the charms are not relevant to their actual size.


What materials are the charms made of?

You can find out what material the charms are made of in the description of each charm. Charms either have a base metal of Stainless Steel or Brass. Stainless Steel is durable to water, Brass can tarnish if in contact with water/creams etc so make sure if you're picking from the Brass charm section you remove before showering or swimming etc. Brass charms can last a long time with a little extra care whilst being worn. See more jewellery care tips HERE.


Can I review my order before it's sent or made?

You can specify what order you want your charms in or what charm you want as your centre charm. I can send a picture of your jewellery before it's made so you can confirm you like the look. Leave your Instagram handle (Insta is preferred) or your email address to review your order. There is a 'Special Notes Instruction' box on the cart page, please confirm the above before you check out.


When will my Multi Charm Jewellery be dispatched?

Please allow up to 10 working days for Multi Charm jewellery to be dispatched. If you need it sooner, please send a DM or email to the contact details at the top of this page.